Can you keep a secret?

The secret is: There is no such thing as THIS health or THAT health. Every Health is CONNECTED….
I am delighted to share a little snack of information about some emerging research that IS. SO. EXITING!
Previously we have all been under the assumption that Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are genetic with nothing to do about it. Once you get it, you have it and it progresses in the same way your granddad’s did and that was that. Well…..thank goodness there are some fabulous, geeky, and smart scientists, researchers, and doctors out there that said, “that answer doesn’t work for me. What else is there?”
What did they find??? Drum roll please…… Alzheimer’s and dementia are largely inflammatory based diseases that are directly effected by LIFESTYLE. So, yes, your patients’ gum disease (aka inflammatory disease) puts them at risk for struggling with these no good, very bad, brain diseases also. Remember, every health is connected.
***Many of you know that in 2014 I moved to Boise to help care for my Grandpa Hooker at the end of his life. Of all his health struggles the last couple of years of his life, Alzheimer’s disease was the most heart breaking for me to watch. I remember one morning I was traveling from Ontario to Pocatello and stopped at my grandparents house on the way. It was early. He was surprised to see me. In the span of about 30 minutes we had the conversation, “Hi Dolly!! Where did you come from so early?!”
I happily repeated my response 9 times over, telling God each time that I will do, “Dolly, where did you come from” as many times as he wants, as long as he knows I am Dolly. #grateful
The scientists, researchers, and doctors have amazing news for us! Below are a few quick and simple ways to keep Gramps (and ourselves) knowing that I am Dolly:
  1. Plenty of water
  2. Healthy fats rock! Especially fish and olive oils
  3. Dark leafy greens and berries are for eating. Daily.
  4. Time reduced feeding (getting all your food for the day within a 10-12 hour time frame) is great for the brain
  5. Move that bod– all the time
  6. Challenge and stimulate your thinking self
  7. Sleep well
These are in no particular order but are a great start to a brighter future to for us all. Also, shockingly, the rest of our TOTAL HEALTH will improve with these additions.
There are many incredible resources available if you want to learn more about this disease and its prevention/reversal. I have several favorites and honestly, you can Google “Alzheimer’s prevention” and find a wealth of legitimate resources. I love Dr. Dale Bredesen’s work at
I have a specially dedicated place in my heart to Alzheimer’s patients and their families, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to chat.
I wish you the best luck in your own health and helping your patients achieve more than just their “oral health.”
Cheers to kicking inflammation’s butt!

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