Make 2021 Fabulous!

How the heck is the new year going for you?
Here are 3 quick “pick me up” tasks to make sure we are keeping ourselves on track to have a fabulous 2021! (I will leave any digs against 2020 alone because that poor horse is dead and I think we shall kick it no longer).
***This “how to have a great year guide” is cheap and easy…. Ha! I’ll be careful what/who I use those descriptors for ;). Anyhow, without further ado:
  1. Write it. Every day.— Gratitude. No matter what is happening in our personal world, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Research shows that being mindful about what we appreciate and writing it down improves perspective, sense of happiness and increases our immune systems’ strength.
  2. Move it. Every day– Movement. From spandex and Jane Fonda to wiggling around in your desk chair when no one is looking, we need movement for health and happiness. If you feel embarrassed about looking like a goober while wiggling in your chair, call me and I will wiggle with you!
  3. Sing it. Every day—Music. Play music you love. Find lyrics that really mean something to you and belt them out at full volume! Pro tip: Move and sing in your car at the same time! I have been known to be reliving the glory days at stoplights while belting Nellyville at the top of my lungs and dancing behind the wheel. Geek or pro? Call me what you want, I will answer to both xoxo.

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