Silver Lining Searching

Dear Humans,

Hello and welcome to a thought on philosophy from my heart. As I write this article in my home office, the entire world has shut down around me. I could blame this shut down on countless things, people and situations. As you start to get fired up with your opinion on this mess, I invite you to take a gigantic breath through your nose. As big as you can. Then take another. Let them escape naturally and then take a little journey with me.

I am known for being relentlessly happy and optimistic. I am known for being the girl that, “can’t possible be that happy all the time.” How do I do it? My life has been easier than yours, right? Well, maybe not. I have seen death, illness, divorce as a child, divorce as an adult, cancer, 9/11, economic crashes and pandemics. Each tough and horrible day I have ever endured has taught me something beautiful and valuable. All the lessons have provided me with the skills and knowledge to aid me in the next hardship. The skills and knowledge also allow me to be a source of love and hope to anyone suffering around me.

Every human has their own unique list of awful experiences relative to their perspective. Based on surviving and thriving hard things, we are gifted the opportunity to take the adversity and craft the lessons into pillars of strength for our present and future. That is the key. Take the adversity and use the lessons learned. This is silver lining searching. What are we learning today in this hard minute that is going to make us better tomorrow? What examples of human kindness are all around us? What are we learning how to do better next time?  What skills and knowledge do we have to draw upon for the next trial? The list of tools for goodness is endless.

I believe that for every bad thing that happens, there are no less than ten good things to tip the scale toward good. We know that energy flows where the mind goes. So, go somewhere good! Look at the wreckage and search for that shiny, silver, beautiful lining that is the bright light to guide us all.

Be well and happy~

Love, B

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